Community Council

(March 2009 - September 2009)
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| Ryan Abel<br/> ([[User:Generalantilles|GeneralAntilles]])
| Ryan Abel<br/> ([[User:Generalantilles|GeneralAntilles]])
| Alan Bruce<br/> ([[User:qole|qole]])
| Alan Bruce<br/> ([[User:qole|qole]])
| Andrew Flegg*<br/> ([[User:Jaffa|Jaffa]])
| Andrew Flegg<br/> ([[User:Jaffa|Jaffa]])*
| Kees Jongenburger<br/> ([[User:keesj|keesj]])
| Kees Jongenburger<br/> ([[User:keesj|keesj]])
| Tim Samoff<br/> ([[User:timsamoff|timsamoff]])
| Tim Samoff<br/> ([[User:timsamoff|timsamoff]])

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Member Roster


March 2009 - September 2009

Ryan Abel
Alan Bruce
Andrew Flegg
Kees Jongenburger
Tim Samoff


September 2008 - February 2009 (Inaugural Council)

Ryan Abel
Andrew Flegg
Eduardo Lima
Simon Pickering
Tim Samoff

*Council Chair

Community Council Term of Service

Current referenda

There are no current referenda.

Previous referenda

Three referenda were run from February 16 2009 until February 23 2009 to decide some procedural datas around elections.

Next Election

  • 11th-18th March 2009

Purpose (Mission)

  • To represent the Maemo Community's best interests to Nokia, as well as act as a community conduit for Nokia-generated information.
  • ...

Open Communication

Open communication is one of the core values of the Community Council, both to serve as an example to Nokia and because it's the right thing to do. All communication is open by default.

  • All Community Council oriented conversation will happen either on the maemo-community mailing list, or over IRC in #maemo.
  • Community and Council issues will be distilled and summarized in the Council blog (which is also syndicated to Planet).

Six-Month Roadmap

  • Review election process & electorate, etc.
  • Reduce Quim's workload
    • Distill community channels consistently
    • Bring relevant points to Nokia's attention
  • Community has
  • What does the community expect from the council?
    • Initiate plans the next summit?
    • Follow up on 100 Day Brainstorm?
    • Define our own role?
    • ...

Twelve-Month Roadmap

Community Council Selection Process

Requirements for Candidature

Election Process

The 5 council members will be elected by the community.

  1. Nominations will be accepted 2 weeks before the election begins from any community member with a karma of 100 or above.
  2. Elections last for 1 week.
  3. Only community members who have had accounts for over 3 months, and have karma of 10 or above, may vote.
  4. Each community member eligible to vote gets a single ballot.
  5. The 5 nominees voted for most, as counted by a single transferrable vote system are elected.
  6. Nominees with a professional interest in Maemo, such as working for Nokia - or any other company involved in Maemo-related software development - must declare their interest when advertising their nomination. Failure to do so may result in the Nokia Community Manager, or the outgoing Council, declaring their nomination invalid and so bar them from standing in the current election.
  7. There is no limit to the number of times a council member can stand for re-election.
  8. The date of the next election will be set by the council chair, not more than 6 months after the previous election.
  9. The election date must be publicised at least 1 month in advance of the election.
  10. If fewer than 5 candidates stand for election, the 3 with the most votes are elected to the council.
  11. If there are fewer than 3 candidates when the nominations close, the election cannot be held.
    1. The nomination period will be extended by 1 month and the election postponed similarly.
    2. If, after 1 month's delay, there are still fewer than 3 candidates; the outgoing council will decide - in conjunction with Nokia's Community Manager (currently Quim) - about how to proceed. The preferred solution is to encourage more members of the community to participate and re-run the election, but all options are open.
  12. Changes to any of the above rules must be approved by community referendum.
    1. Voting in such referenda will be open to anyone eligible to vote in the council elections.
    2. The referendum options must be debated for a minimum of 1 month prior to the referendum.
    3. Referendum voting will be open for the same length of time as the council elections.

Additional Community Resources