GSoC 2010/Project ideas

Maemo provides a framework for developing applications for mobile devices, as well as porting existing applications in the Linux world. Look at the projects available at to get an idea of what already exists, in order to come up with your brand new ideas. They can be new functionality added to a consolidated application, a first prototype for promising new applications exploring new functionality, or a small but killer application bringing the unexpected. We recommend you to propose small challenges that can be completed successfully instead of big plans impossible to conclude in 3 months. It's useful to develop a cool new module to be used by other applications or setting a first stone in a project to attract new attention.

Add your project ideas to the table below.

If you are an accepted mentor and want to mentor one of the possible projects, add your name to the table with your nickname (eg. Valério Valério (vdvsx)).

Note: Everybody can add ideas to the list, there's no need to be a mentor or a student. Don't try to guess if your idea will be implemented in Maemo6 or not, just add it to the list. Maemo SW will help in order to avoid duplicated work.

Ideas List

Note: This list isn't exclusive, if you are a student and have an idea that isn't listed here, don't hesitate to apply with your own idea, but it's probably a good idea to ask in the Maemo community opinions about your idea.

Other possible projects/ideas can be grabbed from the Maemo community wish-list, ports wish-list and you can also take a look at the Maemo documentation in order to have some ideas.

All the ideas below are possible GSoC projects, some of them need more investigation work than others that are already in a final stages, but all of them start at the same level for us. The students must do some investigation before proposing a project; we are here to help, but it isn't acceptable to just copy and paste the descriptions below to the student's applications.

Final proposal Study of alternatives needed Draft proposal
Title Abstract/Description Skills Difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) Reporter Possible Mentor(s) Comments
Dooble Web Browser Porting webkit browser to maemo platform maemo SDK, packaging an installer easy If someone is interested in a webbrowser on maemo, we would mentor it