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| cdf062a71718d4239ec0f3d6cf6a89df || || rootfs for Neo Freerunner.
| cdf062a71718d4239ec0f3d6cf6a89df || || rootfs for Neo Freerunner.

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Mer 0.14 was prepared in the sprint in the period 18 May 2009 - 8 June (feature freeze), Testing period: 8 June 2009 - 15 June 2009. If you want help with the release, show up in #mer on IRC, on

Mer is made by the Mer project - a community project, read more about it here

If you want a Mer logo sticker for your Mer device, see Mer/Marketing


Notable accomplishments and news

Known issues

  • If you can't find an application you want in Application Manager, see - Mer is based on Ubuntu and has 95% of all Ubuntu applications and you can install them with sudo apt-get install packagename, in X-Terminal
  • home applets behave oddly when in non-800x480
  • Screen should not dim and turn off during first boot wizard
  • Magic X menu stretches too far, before adding v ^ buttons.
  • Happens occasionally: Initial configuration - Root Password Confirmation Prompt - No virtual keyboard
  • X driver for N8x0 does not use Manual updates yet and hence can be a bit slow in updating the screen which may give the impression the system is slow.
  • Rotation in advanced-backlight kills hildon desktop
  • No charging screen on flashable image
  • modifying panel settings causes HD to sometimes crash
  • 770 rescue menu does not seem to work (keys doesn't work)
  • 770 doesn't pick up correct RTC, or it doesn't have it set
  • Control panel may appear to have no menu but it actually doesn't have one.
  • Can not enter an address in hildon-application-manager
  • X-Terminal is not localized yet, at all (shows webameedit, etc)
  • The task switcher does not appear rightmost as it should
  • There seems to be a bit of "air" around windows, near left and right corners, also in marquee.
  • Marquee background acts weird.
  • JFFS2 version of N8x0 port causes weird video problem when rebooting.
  • Powerlaunch not working correctly while charger plugged in, no reaction while pressing power-button, no keyboard backlight
  • Advanced-backlight crashes hildon-desktop while charger plugged (might be tablet-battery-monitor related)
  • Marquee-panel doesn't scale when rotating the screen.
  • Deselecting dropdown menu plugin crashes desktop
  • Powerlaunch button prompts not correct (no "Yes" "No")
  • Applications "Organise" dialog unresponsive
  • SmartQ5/7 WiFi does not work out of the box
  • Hardware keyboard/slider events on N810 when device is in standby only turns on backlight, and doesn't unblank the screen. Touchscreen events work fine in this respect.
  • Text in text fields can not be drag-selected (cursor jumps to start of field instead)
  • Applications installed prompt for folder location but are always stored in Extras
  • Terminal toolbar Ctrl button non-functional (try Ctrl + d, Ctrl + h, Ctrl + g, Ctrl + c)
  • Terminal toolbar (likely other) has significanly misaligned background image when selected.
  • When changing theme desktop might crash (seen on SmartQ5 and N8x0)
  • Sources are not accessible using apt-get source (for Mer packages), but they are downloadable if you sign up for (or just ask us if you don't want to.) - a problem with OBS not exporting them at the moment
  • python-hildon is broken
  • The weather applet is broken, just disable it
  • docpurge is a bit slow and may slow application installs



  • There is no warranty. This may blow up your MMC, steal your wife or cause doomsday to come around. But if you find some bugs, please report them on Bugzilla and we'll try to see what we can do to fix the bug causing it.
  • If anything goes wrong, grab a USB cable, and rescue mode is done through holding down Home key when booting Mer (on Nokia Internet Tablets)

Installation guide

Installation guide can be found here, including link to Mer installer for N8x0 - version should be 2.0.0-mer11

Released images

MD5sum URL Description
fd772f6414ce22ca1f8807dc388a8025 flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, JFFS2 part (requires kernel below)
136a715927dec5489f2b001bc7705796 flashable image for Nokia N8x0 port, Kernel part (requires jffs2 above)
5414ba9d871bf99a95d83ef8d65dcaf9 kernel for standard setups, Nokia N8x0 port. Use to get extra features (working USBnet on XP, etc)
41a92764e1bf12b34e57b4028066a90f rootfs tar.gz for Nokia N8x0 port
c8f2cdf2284ce89995c77056c00418b1 rootfs for X86, generic
891be65c734314f6932e8df9080c0b2e VMDK, X86 for VirtualBox, VMware, etc.
88d74e0a99484b31c81e57e7c4f59d5d rootfs for SmartQ5
72a77747a33fa91faff9290add40ea47 firmware image for SmartQ5
e682866aa8820de52f0f465fde0d7975 rootfs for SmartQ7
9814f502a5f86c863512f515121c8820 firmware image for SmartQ7
cdf062a71718d4239ec0f3d6cf6a89df rootfs for Neo Freerunner.