Sprint 4 planning

  • Planning meeting organized in the #maemo-meeting IRC channel on Tuesday 2008/08/12 at 19:00 UTC.
  • Right after 100Days/Sprint3 review.
  • Holidays: Quim (9-31/aug), Niels (14 aug/6 sept probably no internet, No activity expected in Sprint 4), Dave (15 aug/31 aug, no internet).

There will be an IRC review meeting of this sprint on Tuesday 2008/09/02 19:00 UTC.


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks accepted in the Backlog or (re)new(ed) proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-05-10 Who's who in Maemo Dave DONE Need to find a final home for the maintainer list
2008-06-10 Better extras categories and debtags Niels 50% Proposal drafted in wiki page, need to discuss on maemo-developers. (No progress will be made by me in Sprint4, need help!)
2008-06-10 Forum interface to mailing lists released Bergie DONE Forums are now in beta
2008-07-22 Task:Using garage.maemo.org Ferenc 0% No progress
2008-08-12 Task:Getting Nokia involved in bugs.maemo.org Andre 30% Work on better organization of components in some products to fit better the scope of the corresponding Nokia developer teams, see bug 3562 - still drawing the big picture and trying to link all components between Maemo Bugzilla and internal bug tracker and its affiliated development teams. Hopefully done for Sprint5.
2008-08-12 Work on Bugzilla weekly summary functionality Karsten 20% Progressing slowly.
2008-08-12 Several smaller Bugzilla enhancements Karsten 70% See bug 1417, bug 2463, bug 3350 and some more, minor issues. Guided submission form pending, needs cleanup first.
2008-08-13 Task:Maemo brainstorm Oskari 0% New feature to the site.
2008-08-13 Task:Community Council Henri 80% Dave handed off to Henri who to deployed election software. Database has been populated with electorate. Electorate list is up on wiki. Election announced on opt-in "Community updates" with mass mailer. Next up: some copywriting and actually processing the election.

Bugs in product Website

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

What follows are the bugs that need special attention/progress.

For the record:

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Proposed bugs for Sprint 4 (Medium priority):

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Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

Tuesday 2008-09-02
  • Karsten
    • Today: Prioritize remaining bugzilla issues, that need to be done before the Summit. Start working on them. And like everyone else, prepare Sprint meeting.
    • Yesterday: Finalized some bugzilla patches.
  • Andre
    • Today: triaging new bugs, (mail problems), work on Task:Getting_Nokia_involved_in_bugs.maemo.org (reorganizing components), prepare Sprint meeting, internal report
    • Monday: triaging new bugs and syncing/forwarding, porting a greasemonkey script to quickly insert prepared bug comments, start retriaging RESOLVED LATER bugs to get rid of that resolution
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Got inbox down to 60 mails. The ones that each need more time & effort.
    • Today: Bring kids to their first day in their new schools, catch up on holiday backlog, prepare Sprint5 meeting for tonight, and ensure I have all the access I need to run the election from tomorrow.
  • Quim
    • Today: More email. Prepare my tasks for sprint meeting this evening.
    • Yesterday: Landing. Email. Glad to see there was nothing really burning waiting for me.
Monday 2008-09-01
  • Karsten
    • More bugzilla hacking the last days. Another dead bug, another feature implemented. Need to blog.
  • Dave
    • Back from holidays too. Woot! Posted a reminder about the election yesterday, noticed that there are not many candidates.
    • Today: Similarly burgeoning in-box. Catch up on election. Clear backlog & plan the next 2 weeks.
  • Quim
    • Back from holidays!
    • Today: Go through 1001 pending emails. Please resend if there is something really urgent.

Friday 2008-08-29
  • Andre
    • Today: triaging new bugs and syncing, working on Task:Getting_Nokia_involved_in_bugs.maemo.org (reorganizing components), maybe start porting a greasemonkey script to quickly insert prepared bug comments that I used in gnome bugzilla already
    • Wednesday: More discussions with Nokia, triaging new bugs and syncing, getting on a plane
  • Bergie
    • Today: Publishing forums beta, fixing the half-finished developer list import, deploying the election software
    • Yesterday: Imported user and community lists completely, went through the election software
Thursday 2008-08-28
  • Bergie
    • Today: Upgrading bunch of packages, continuing email imports
    • Yesterday: Imported community list successfully
Wednesday 2008-08-27
  • Andre
    • Today: More discussions with Nokia, triaging new bugs and syncing, getting on a plane
    • Yesterday: Internal meeting about Error management, presentation about the maemo.org Bugmaster work; removed useless "Next" Target Milestone; internal weekly report
  • Bergie
    • Today: Starting the email imports
Tuesday 2008-08-26
  • Bergie
    • Today: Multiple email support for forums, preparing for email import tomorrow.
Monday 2008-08-25
  • Karsten
    • Today: Hacking bugzilla, tackle the weekly reports.
  • Andre
    • Today: Discussions with Nokia on workflows/processes and process, triaging new bugs/syncing, more preparing for internal meeting
    • Friday: Preparing for internal meeting, looking at Bugzilla code, triaging/syncing bugs
Sunday 2008-08-24
  • Karsten
    • Today: Cold, headache. Need to blog.
    • Last couple days: Hacking bugzilla, working on fixes and customizations.
Friday 2008-08-22
  • Andre
    • Today: Preparing for internal meeting, looking at Bugzilla code, triaging/syncing bugs
    • Tuesday: Syncing and reproducing issues, add moreinfo-closing policy to Bugs:Triage_guide, internal report
Tuesday 2008-08-19
  • Andre
    • Today: Syncing and reproducing issues, add moreinfo-closing policy to Bugs:Triage_guide, internal report
    • Yesterday: Reproducing issues, triage new bugs and syncing
  • Karsten
    • More bugs. More bugzilla.
  • Bergie
    • Today: Packaging changes made for karma, QB pager functionalities and maemo.org layout for deployment
    • Friday: Karma debugging, preparing for the community elections
  • Rambo
    • Today: Quick look at the new virtual servers based on info from Ixonos & Marcell, commented to Marcell.
Sunday 2008-08-17
  • Karsten
    • Today, yesterday: Hacking bugzilla, working on fixes and customization.
    • Attempting to become a laywer, just to understand branding policies. IANAL.
Saturday 2008-08-16
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: (I'm cheating to report progress here before I go on holiday) Published and announced list of eligible voters in Task:Community_Council/Eligible_voters. Published scripts I used to extract eligible voters from list, and also some interesting karma stats (over 80% of maemo users have under 5 karma points). Populated a mysql database with the electorate, got all of the details of the GNOME election process, and published scripts, database schema and web app. Passed off deploying it to Henri, but it should be pretty much done - need only a host with a working local MTA to send voting tokens, and a web server with PHP enabled to host voting application. Also need to maemo theme the 3 web pages involved.
    • Until 2008-08-31: On holiday.
Friday 2008-08-15
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Got list of accounts, resolved some karma issues, published final list of eligible candidates, pushed forward the council elections, announced profile changes and community council elections.
    • Today: Test-run & deploy election software, publish list of eligible voters, go on holiday.
Thursday 2008-08-14
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Pushed Community council elections, generate list of elligible candidates. Not helped by flaky maemo.org. Got voting software.
    • Today: Get list of maemo.org accounts + creation date. Publish list of elligible voters. Get voting software working. Try to get accurate karma counts for eligible candidate list. I have a couple of articles to write too. Announce profile updates and council elections.

Problems: Karma has been a problematic measure - some obvious people did not meet the karma requirement. Propose dropping karma requirement for voting for this first election, but bringing it back for future elections when karma is improved.

  • Andre
    • Add Bugzilla version and Target Milestone "4.1.1" for 4.2008.30-2 and set fixed bugs correctly, work on Task:Getting_Nokia_involved_in_bugs.maemo.org
    • Tuesday: bugmail followup, Internal report, work on Task:Getting_Nokia_involved_in_bugs.maemo.org, prepare and have 100Days/Sprint4 meeting
  • Bergie
    • Tracked site slowness and crashes, and missed user imports, karma recounts and social news updates to ISP's watchdog script that had gone out of control. Fixed the situation with Ferenc.
    • Generated favicon.ico for the new logo and deployed it in Midgard style
Wednesday 2008-08-13
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Prepare & attend Sprint meeting
    • Today: Push community council election, get election software, nail down election rules, and announce the election. Announce updates to profile lists and ask people to update profiles.
  • Bergie
    • Installed new discussion forum version to internal and upgraded database structure


To be committed in the sprint meeting from those listed in the maemo.org backlog or maemo.org proposals.