Sprint 3 planning

There will be an IRC review meeting of this sprint on Tuesday 2008/08/12 at 19:00 UTC. See also 100Days/Sprint4.


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks accepted in the Backlog or (re)new(ed) proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-05-10 Who's who in Maemo Dave 90% Awaiting deployment of new profile list to announce changes in profiles. Need to find a final home for the maintainer list
2008-05-10 Companies in Maemo development Dave DONE Task completed.
2008-06-10 Extras & maemo.org/downloads integration Niels DONE Complete. Extra features should be filed as enhancement.
2006-06-10 Registration and sponsorship for Maemo Summit 2008 Oskari DONE Working
2008-06-10 Better extras categories and debtags Niels 50% Proposal drafted in wiki page, need to discuss on maemo-developers.
2008-06-10 Put the Bugsquad in place Andre/Karsten DONE See this mail, Triage Guide, Bug 1288 and 2365
2008-06-10 Forum interface to mailing lists released Bergie 0% Beta to be made public for testing
2008-06-10 User profile improvements defined and started Lauri/Bergie DONE New profiles, and profile lists ready]
2008-06-30 Get a Maemo.org_logo_contest winner Dave DONE Winner announced: Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_glaoliver_1.png
2008-07-22 Task:Remarkable community projects around Maemo Dave DONE Use Pearls mechanism to set remarkable community projects. Need to be able to navigate, since the list of apps is longer than 25.
2008-07-22 Task:Upstream projects Maemo relies upon Dave DONE List in place. Categorised by umbrella projects. Logos added by group.
2008-07-22 Complete the 2010 Agenda community proposal Quim DONE Proposal of objectives left for commmunity discussion and approval. I had expected more discussion during the cleaning of the page (there was none).
2008-07-22 Task:Using garage.maemo.org Ferenc 0% Ran out of time, must be pushed to Sprint4.
2008-07-22 Maemo Summit infrastructure defined Quim DONE Some details left, someone can resolve them or I'll complete them in Sprint5
2008-07-22 Summit sponsored participants decided Quim DONE Program closed. New "Accepted" will appear when Desktop_Search_Hackfest approved participants register.
2008-07-22 Maemo community in OSiM Quim DONE Maemo_Summit_2008/Organization#OSiM

Bugs in product Website

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

What follows are the bugs that need special attention/progress.

For the record:

IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (23 tasks)  
3432HighNEWenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteComments on downloads.maemo.org should automatically contain version number[1]
2179HighNEWenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteVisualize rating creation date and related software version[2]
3076HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteReply to messages in mail archives[3]
1288HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteEditing the bugzilla guidelines (bug-writing.html)[4]
1545HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org Websitewebforum: allow some HTML tags in the posts[5]
3354HighRESOLVEDmajor4.0maemo.org WebsitePublishing packages to garage.maemo.org oftens results in "lost connection" and "permission denied" from scp 
3102HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteExpand user profile on maemo.org[6]
2350HighRESOLVEDnormal4.0maemo.org WebsiteWebserver uses no-cache for everything (caching repo content is not possible)[7]
3127HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org Website*.maemo.org goes to repository.maemo.org 
2365HighRESOLVEDminorunspecifiedmaemo.org Websiteresolution REMIND not documented 
3389HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org Websitemail about summit should not say "1" when it means "Yes" 
3164HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteMailing list e-mail archive messages in html format are unreadable[8]
3465HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteWiki link on Maemo site points to wrong target[9]
3222HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteAdd forum feature for mailinglists to website 
3235HighRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org Website"You have new messages" banner does not go away after reading the new messageshttp://wiki.maemo.org/User_talk:Xfade
2985HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedmaemo.org Websiteno calendar[10]
3002HighRESOLVEDmajorunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteNote about "Email address is never shown publicly" is not true 
3262HighRESOLVEDenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteDefining company and role in profiles 
3280HighRESOLVEDminorunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteWiki pages sometimes fail to load with "lost network connection"[11]
630MediumNEWenhancementunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteIncreased Bugzilla transparency - get the developers involved! 
1805MediumRESOLVEDnormal4.1.xDeveloper GuideMaking a package for the Application Manager in maemo 3.x does not list what apps should go to what section[12]
3363MediumRESOLVEDnormalunspecifiedmaemo.org Websitewiki.maemo.org search does not find anything with short search terms 
3241MediumRESOLVEDminorunspecifiedmaemo.org WebsiteLinks to user and user's talk pages are redlinks, regardless of whether the pages link to actually exist[13]
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Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

Tuesday 2008-08-12
Monday 2008-08-11
  • Andre
    • Today: bugmail followup and syncing, taking a look at the bugzilla svn code, testing and updating reports after SSU update.
    • Friday: New bugs, bugmail followup and syncing, getting an overview of enhancement requests (especially trivial ones and ones with patches)
  • Karsten
    • Today: Push the "Bugsquad" Task.
    • Last couple days: Work on the "Bugsquad" Task. Evaluate bugzilla customizations and improvements to be implemented the next sprint. Hacking.
  • Niels
    • Friday, Saturday: Added new logo to maemo.org, found a solution for disk space problem on builder (Additional disk space coming), had a meeting with Bergie about maemo.org tasks @ aKademy and also talked with Gnuton about qt4 builds @ aKademy.
    • Today: Autobuilder work, work on Sprint 3 tasks. Prepare for the 100Days/Sprint4 meeting.
Friday 2008-08-07
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Closing details about Maemo_Summit_2008/Organization and budget. Closing also details about OSiM participation. Delegating the rest of OSiM stand & Summit exhibit to Teemu.
    • Today (leaving here my report of the day since I go on holidays): Complete the 2010 Agenda community proposal, Maemo Summit infrastructure, Maemo community in OSiM. Sent briefing to maemo-community about my Sprint3-4 since I won't attend the meeting (starting holidays *now*).
    • Problems: Didn't have time to dal with the invitation letters for visa processing of Evgeny and Vlad. Sent email to them & Teemu & Urho in the hope that they can continue and get the visas.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Moved logo deployment along. Should be finished today. Made a submission for the Maemo Summit.
    • Today: Finish remarkable community projects task - no need for new features in website. Update Development and Community front-page sections to point to all the great new stuff to come out of the 100 Days. Continue review of maemo.org content for Task:Improving maemo.org Translate the paper I wrote for Wengo on community building & roadmaps.
  • Andre
    • Today: New bugs, bugmail followup and syncing, getting an overview of enhancement requests (especially trivial ones and ones with patches)
    • Tuesday: Internal report, read about Bugzilla::Hooks, bugmail followup, work on Task:Getting_Nokia_involved_in_bugs.maemo.org
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on repository issues. Configured internal machine for mailing list forum.
    • Today: Add new logo to the website, will be away most of the day.
    • Problems: The autobuilder is still running out of disk space.
Thursday 2008-08-07
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Closing details about Maemo_Summit_2008/Organization, budget and schedule. Closing also details about OSiM participation.
    • Today: Same as yesterday.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on repository incoming queue issues and repository corruption, qt4 build issues.
    • Today: Work on maemo.org, add new logo and banners. Try to fix repository problems. Test forum feature on internal.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: More or less finished "Who's who" - some small details left to work out, and still need to announce profile updates. I mailed maintainers whose profile I couldn't find to ask them to point me to their profile. Started pushing the logo replacement. Started working on "Remarkable community projects".
    • Today: Buckle down & review maemo.org/development content seriously. I've been long-fingering it. Keep the logo rework moving along. Come up with a proposal for "Remarkable community projects".
Wednesday 2008-08-06
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Sponsorship program closed - new "accepted" will appear from Desktop_Search_Hackfest participants already approved. Sent list of sponsored community members to OSiM organization. Completed Summit Friday 19 agenda. Spent a lot of time in front of the Summit budget spreadsheet. Started delegation of OSiM Stand + exhibit to Teemu.
    • Today: Preparing OSiM. Fine tuning details with Maemo SW developers active in the Summit.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Finished Task:Upstream projects - feedback welcome whether this page is complete as-is. I wonder whether I should list every single .tar.gz that we ship and/or patch in Maemo, or only major packages which feature in the architecture diagram (this is what I've done). Moved along "Who's who" with Soumya's help.
    • Today: Finish "Who's Who". I need to chase down a few of the people involved to ask them to create maemo.org profiles, and we still need to have the profile list changes rolled out. Start working on updating the website with the new logo. Move that whole discussion to maemo-community. Finally make a decent go of reviewing http://maemo.org/development
    • Problems: I have zero visibility on when the new profile list will be rolled out, I was expecting it at the end of last week.
Tuesday 2008-08-05
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Fixed a repository queuemanager problem, worked on autobuilder issues, started to work on Package_Categories.
    • Today: More work on Package_Categories, find out what I can do for OSiM and summit.
  • Quim
    • Friday: Booked travel for Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Worked on Summit Friday 19 agenda. Finished sponsorship approvals, only a couple of bloggers left.
    • Today: OSiM registration for sponsored participants. Delegate to Teemu stand/exhibit responsibility. Steps to close the Summit program (except lightning). Push details on Summit venue and infrastructure costs. Extract one more item of 2010_Agenda.
Monday 2008-08-04
  • Dave
    • Friday: Moved Who's who along, created initial version of Task:Upstream projects. Finished tour of Maemo intro pages and added a bunch of links.
    • Weekend: Went walking in the Alps for a couple of days - spent the night at the Lac de Presset, highly recommended.
    • Today: Catch up after weekend. Finish Task:Upstream projects page (logos & descriptions) - we could collect stories of collaboration & contributions for each project, but it's not required in first draft. Review intro & development on maemo.org (dropped from Friday).
  • Andre
    • Today: Triage the new bugs and (bug)mail followup and syncing
    • Friday & weekend: (bug)mail followup and sync; Triage the few new bugs; ITT
  • Quim
    • Friday: Help coordinating how new logo comes to maemo.org. Feedback to c-base about budget proposal.
    • Today: Book travel for Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Push details on Summit venue and infrastructure costs. Extract one more item of 2010_Agenda.
  • Karsten
    • Evaluate bugzilla customizations and improvements to be implemented this sprint.
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on autobuilder issues, tried to get qt4 in extras-devel and looked for infrastructure improvements.
    • Today: Check repository queue handling issue and work on Extras category task.
Friday 2008-08-01
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: (bug)mail followup and sync; Triage the few new bugs & older bugs
    • Today: (bug)mail followup and sync; Triage the few new bugs & older bugs
  • Niels
    • Yesterday,Wednesday: Work on autobuilder and repository issues. Identify perceived performance for all services and proposed solutions.
    • Today: Find out what proposed solutions cost. Work on my tasks for this sprint.
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Booked accommodation for Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Dealing with Summit budget and sponsored participants.
    • Today: Book travel for Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Push details on Summit venue and infrastructure costs. Extract one more item of 2010_Agenda. Help coordinating how new logo comes to maemo.org.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Selected and announced new maemo.org logo with help from Tim Samoff, David Greaves and Peter Schneider. Reviewed most of Intro (one page left to review) and added links where useful. Continue on putting names to components of platform. Mailed everyone in Nokia about updating their maemo.org profiles.
    • Today: Bringing the family to the mountains for their holidays, but should have a full day anyway. Create wiki.maemo.org page listing components of platform & names of maintainers I know to start collaborating with Soumya on this in public. Finish reviewing intro. Suggest improvements to intro/platform. Create upstream projects page listing upstream projects (details of work sent upstream to follow later).
    • Problems: I don't want to announce the updated profiles in maemo.org until the profile list is updated, and I don't know when that's going to happen exactly. Not sure if I should wait.
Thursday 2008-07-31
  • Andre
    • Tuesday: Internal report; (bug)mail followup and sync; triage older bugs
    • Today: (bug)mail followup and sync; Triage the few new bugs & older bugs
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Gathered comments on shortlist of new maemo.org logos & organised IRC meeting to finalise decision, completed Companies in Maemo development, got about half way through adding links where appropriate for Intro section. Contacted Soumya about "who's who?"
    • Today: Decide on new logo, finish adding links to Intro, follow up with Soumya to get a list of owners of components, and mail everyone to update their maemo.org profiles (also announce on planet.maemo and maemo.org the changes to profiles).

Wednesday 2008-07-30
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Made good progress on logo selection.
    • Today: Get shortlist and organise IRC meeting to decide winner. Finish Companies in Maemo development at last (contact everyone for a logo, and if I don't have an answer by the end of the afternoon, take them from websites). Do the tour of the intro to add links that I've been putting on the long finger.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on autobuilder issues and gave support for it to developers. Worked on dak setup on our test machine and managed to import the first package in the test repository. So far it looks promising.
    • Today: SDK repository cache issues, more dak testing, test rollout of new profile list pages.
Tuesday 2008-07-29
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Cleared backlog, made good progress on getting a logo team together, launched a community call for comments, requested travel for Berlin.
    • Today: Finalise judging panel for logo contest, announce it, choose my favourites, finish working on "Communities involved in Maemo"
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Triage the few new bugs, (bug)mail followup and sync; fix bug 2365; triage older bugs
    • Today: Internal report; (bug)mail followup and sync; triage older bugs; Thinking on Getting Nokia involved in bugs.maemo.org
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Started investigating using dak for repository management and started test install to see if it can work for us.
    • Today: Try to resolve more repository issues and work on dak setup on test server.
Monday 2008-07-28
  • Dave
    • Last week: OSCON. Flew back to France Saturday, couple of days with family.
    • Today: Close logo contest, finalise selection team, clear (most of) backlog of requests & email.
  • Niels
    • Friday: Fix comments on applications and install moderation feature for all comments. Worked on repository caching issues. Looked into some wiki styling issues.
    • Today: Try to split up Extras tasks and work on repository cleaning options.
  • Andre
    • Friday: Triage new bugs, (bug)mail followup.
    • Today: Triage the few new bugs, (bug)mail followup and sync; fix bug 2365; triage older bugs
  • Quim
    • Friday: Updated Summit budget estimations with numbers available and review sponsorship requests. Cleaned 2010_Agenda page. Sent Summit invitations to most visible Maemo application developers.
    • Today: Push details on Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Push details on Summit venue and infrastructure costs. Extract one more item of 2010_Agenda.
Friday 2008-07-25
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Add bugzilla meeting log, worked on wiki styling and fixed comments notification. Investigated repository cleanup.
    • Today: Work on repository issues.
  • Andre
    • Tuesday: Triage the few new bugs, start improving Bugwriting How-to, prepare tonight's Sprint2 and Bugzilla Meeting
    • Today: Triage new bugs, (bug)mail followup, triage old bugs.
Thursday 2008-07-24
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Fixed planet corruption and corrected statistics for extras. Fixed repository corruption issues.
    • Today: Try to find a solution for autobuilder related bugs.
    • Problem: Lack of access to autobuilder build server, so bugs like Bug 3486 drag on for months while I can fix this in less than 5 minutes.
Wednesday 2008-07-23
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Attended the Sprint meeting, OSCON.
    • Today: OSCON all day. Presentations, meeting, hallway track.
  • Quim
    • Yesterday: Facilitated the Sprint planning meeting.
    • Today: Upload new version of Task:Components_and_packages file with LOC. 101 bug triaging little tasks pending. Push details on Desktop_Search_Hackfest. Update Summit budget with sponsorship costs known.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Did some wiki plugin fixing, updated extras stats. Worked on repository rejection problem. Tested diablo extras non-free with Canola2. Sprint meeting, put irc log online.
    • Today: Work on HIGH bugs and tasks.


Moved to maemo.org backlog.


Moved to maemo.org proposals