Task:Kill the old wiki

This task is completed and this page stays here for documentation purposes only. Please file bugs or propose a new, related task if you want to push this forward.
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The old midgard wiki is causing trouble by cluttering up google results, archiving deprecated information, being an uneditable wiki, and generally being useless. It needs to die.

[edit] Moving

Most of the existing useful articles have already been moved, but there are a few salvageable articles still remaining that weren't moved because the midgard was originally going to stick around as an archive. Since that is causing way more trouble than it's worth, more articles (not many) are being moved.

[edit] Redirects

Since it's a bad plan to break the web and the midgard wiki is going to be deleted, some of its useful URLs should be redirected to their new locations.

[edit] Category:Midgard wiki

The following come from the Midgard wiki category

All of the following old wiki links, with the exception of dspprogramming and settingupnfs, get redirected to Main Page.