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  • List of packages sorted by size ala pupnik
dpkg-query --show --showformat='${Package;-50}\t${Installed-Size}\n' | sort -k2 -n
  • #maemo #canola
  • Under the battery there are two sets of gold "dots" on the motherboard. What are these for? JTAG? USB? Serial???
  • SDK hung forever after download at: "Preconfiguring packages".
  • Can Maemo be installed on Sharp Netwalker, since Ubuntu on that thing is a terrible dog by comparison?
  • lshal
  • [2] - Core domain architecture
  • Turn on camera LEDs (e.g. for flashlight):
SpeedEvil: jebba: you open the camera file descriptor and send a ioctl(V4L2_TORCH_ON)
SpeedEvil: jebba: well, there may be a dbus thingy for it - there is no need though. mplayer could do it if it could control arbitrary v4l2 controls - but it can't
(07:39:24 PM) cehteh: SpeedEvil: V4L2_CID_INDICATOR_INTENSITY  ... the dim mode is supported in the driver
  • Icons:
(05:13:43 PM) VDVsx: 48x48 for the app menu and 64x64 for the desktop shortcuts
  • To make an icon to be put in debian/control (MUST be 48x48):
openssl base64 -in emacs-48x48.png | sed -e 's/^/ /' >> control
  • Accelerometer:
(12:34:03 PM) DocScrutinizer51: jebba: (accel) it's a lis302. I'm sure on you find quite some details, and link to datasheet
  • HOWTO ignore lamers on click their Username, click "View Public Profile", click "User lists", click "Add to Ignore list", click "yes" to confirm. (OrangeBox for starters)
  • LEDs:
* /sys/class/leds # echo 255 > lp5523\:r/brightness  ; while true ; do echo 255 > lp5523\:g/brightness  ; sleep 1 ; echo 0 > lp5523\:g/brightness  ; sleep 1 ; done