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; Thursday 2008-12-04
; Thursday 2008-12-04
* Ryan
** Yesterday: Facilitated Sprint meeting, updated wiki (all tables should be more or less uniform now), and triaged website bugs based on meeting.
** Today: Get with Stskeeps and johnx about [[Task:Collaboration infrastructure]], see about pushing [[Task:Reducing number of external repositories]] some more Council-side.

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December 2008 Sprint planning


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-08-12 Better organization of components: Sort out last unclear issues, come up with implementation plan Andre 70% Draft available at Talk:Task:Getting Nokia involved in, implementation planned for Saturday 6 of December
2008-09-30 Finalise layout for Dave 30% Proposal exists, wireframe exists, needs some design work from INdT.
2008-09-30 Task:Reducing number of external repositories Niels 40% Contacted most owners. Had a lot of positive responses, but need to gently push most of them again..
2008-09-30 Define and publish first Feature Jar for the community and Nokia product managers Andre 80% See this email - second iteration planned after Bugzilla reorganization
2008-09-30 Task:Open Source Proof Points Quim 5% Nothing done in this sprint, sigh.
2008-11-04 Karma for applications Hirvinen 0%
2008-11-04 Finalise design & stylesheets for Dave 50% Design proposals converging on something good.
2008-11-04 Finalise layout for Dave & Tim 0% No-one working on this right now.
2008-11-04 Finalise layout for Dave & Tim 0% No-one working on this right now.
2008-11-04 Task:Texts for Quim 20% Drafted the "Open Source" part, but need to complete out of this sprint.
2008-11-04 Task:Collaboration infrastructure for a single project (e.g. Application Manager) etrunko 0%
2008-11-04 Define what is needed to get git up on Tero 80% Talk page up at Git for garage, Plans up at Git For Garage. 80% because discussion still takes place. But nothing stopping from moving ahead.
2008-12-03 Implement new layout and style Henri/Niels -
2008-12-03 Review the Maemo contribution guidelines Quim -
2008-12-03 Objective:Community localization Quim - Initial brainstorm to describe the service and start defining requirements

Bugs in product Website

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

What follows are the bugs that need special attention/progress.

For the record:

IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (11 tasks) WebsiteComments on should automatically contain version number[1] WebsiteVisualize rating creation date and related software version[2] WebsiteAdd RSS feeds to community portal[3] WebsiteDeveloper documentation portal needs revision[4] WebsiteExplicit feedback channels WebsiteAfter logging in to Wiki, immediately not logged on next page Website"Download" links in Garage's viewcvs appears to be broken[5] WebsiteEnabling extras-devel repository breaks application installer due to an error in the Packages file WebsiteReorganizing components in Bugzilla[6] WebsiteDetaching thumbs down from karma WebsiteList Maemo Bugzilla code changes, upstream backports & customizations 
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Activity log

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Thursday 2008-12-04