Sprints/November 09


November 2009 Sprint planning


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
9.04-05 Implement new layout and style - Bugzilla Must Andre, Karsten 80% A bit of progress here in November. Also see
9.08-01 Document & communicate packages interface to testers Must Jaffa 50% danielwilms has produced this. Stick in wiki and emphasise in links?
9.09-01 Push packaging policy updates Must X-Fade, danielwilms 60% Waiting for changes/approval inside Nokia - most properly be done until end of Nov
9.10-03 Implement SSO backend Must indeyets 0%
9.10-04 Brainstorm: bug fixes and new features Must NetBlade 75% On waiting for more comments
9.10-05 Brainstorm: better categories view Must NetBlade 75% On waiting for more comments
9.10-06 Brainstorm: automoderation from sandbox to under consideration Must NetBlade 75% Related bug On waiting for more comments
9.10-07 Server migration Must Ferenc 0% Servers will be available in November only. Linked to ISP move.
9.11-01 Refresh intro Must qgil 0% See Talk thread and Josefdk wiki proposal
9.11-02 Maemo Greeters program Must texrat 50% Pilot started: Very quick engagement by members, better than expected. Ideas coming fast and furious! A Greeters page has been started by member smarsh:
9.11-03 Get a decision on Developers should get karma based on the relevance of their software Must VDVsx 10% Gathering opinions
9.11-04 Openness data Must Stskeeps 90% Needs to implement openness data from
9.11-05 Starting to work on a open sourcing queue Must Stskeeps 0% Depends on openness data
9.11-06 Help out the SSU team to get them started Must Stskeeps 30% Spent time with TI drivers to get those proper and discussions about how in practice to implement a SSU.
9.11-07 Mer 0.17 release and facilitating Maemo on non-N900 OMAP3 boards (beagle, etc) Must Stskeeps 90% Mer 0.17 release a bit delayed due to various technical issues. Beagle and Zoom2 ports work but got set back by the new SDK.
9.11-08 No orphaned pages and revise Wiki navigation Must dneary 30% See Maemowiki Action Group page for precise details, and Special:Lonelypages for progress.
9.11-09 Integrate more minimae checks (around ten new checks) Must jeremiah 5% I'll add some more checks and fill in more information on minimae so that developers can look up errors.
9.11-10 Integrate ITP database with general package database Must jeremiah 10% It would be good if the current package search that Niels built would somehow show a package that has been requested to be ported to Maemo or is being ported.
9.11-11 Install and test reprepro on new infrastructure Must jeremiah 0% I will install and test on for the time being, obviously the new servers are a blocker. (Still no login as of 2009-11-25)
9.11-12 Brainstorm/improve Extras-testing Q&A Must VDVsx, jeremiah, lma 70% See discussion.
9.09-10 Implement SSO sync-API endpoint for garage Should danielwilms 50% implemented new server instance for midgard account-sync, cas change from ldap to MySQL, certificates in place for endpoint-sync
9.10-13 Distribute 'Fixed In Fremantle' shirts to contributors that didn't make it to the Summit Should qgil 0% started
9.10-14 Create a RFP (Request for Packaging) interface just like the ITP Should jeremiah 0%
9.10-15 Prepare a Bugday Should andre 40% Got logo by wazd (thanks). Updated&restructured Bugsquad wikipage.

Greasemonkey script published; asked for defining a Bugday date. Next steps: Set up Bugday wikisubpage. Introduce logo. Announce date everywhere. Have a good time.

9.08-12 Improve reporting feed appearance on sprint page Could Ferenc 0% To liaise with Jaffa. I am happy to pass it on, November will be the month of the server move.
9.10-09 Prototype Could dneary 0% No progress - vacation & wiki clean-up got in the way.
9.10-10 Add extra info fields from control files to interface - Changelog Could X-Fade 0%
9.11-16 Update Fremantle roadmap Could qgil 0%
9.11-17 Implement new UI for the application-downloader Could danielwilms, wazd 40% some big parts already implemented, changes in REST-API needed


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