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=== Docmaster related documentation ===
=== Docmaster related documentation ===
* [[/Generating election results]]
* [[/Generating election results]]
* [[/Updating]] - how to update the deployed Midgard install after making a change
== Bugmaster ==
== Bugmaster ==

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Niels Breet

Among other things, Niels is the administrator of the Maemo servers.


Dave Neary

The goal of the docmaster is to enable co-production of documentation - by removing any barriers and by organising the community around that goal.

The ongoing tasks of the docmaster are:

  • Tracking of documentation bugs in bugzilla
  • Co-ordination of maintenance work in the wiki
  • Identification of points which can be improved in terms of availability and access to documentation resources related to Maemo
  • Maintaining elections

Docmaster related documentation


Andre Klapper
(at Openismus GmbH)

Taking care of Bugzilla, mainly:

  • Triage/Clean up reports and get them into a valuable state whenever needed
  • Import and keep in sync with Nokia's internal bug database
  • Maintenance (Adding / setting new products, milestones, 3rd party apps etc)
  • Bugsquad community building (e.g. having Bugdays, #maemo-bugs on IRC)


Jeremiah Foster

Specifically the debmaster:

  • Works with developers who want to submit their software to's repositories.
  • Provides documentation on Debian's deb format and the various files in a package.
  • Helps develop a toolset, based on Debian tools but modified for Maemo.
  • Co-operates with upstream (Debian) and downstream (users) as well as sidestream (Nokia).
  • Maintains an open communication channel with the community using the various community channels: #maemo, ITt (, mailing lists, wiki, etc.
  • Works with Nokia and the Community Council to develop and define packaging policy.
  • Suggests innovations and developments of the Maemo packaging format.

Debmaster related documentation


Reggie Suplido


Carsten V. Munk

The primary role as a distmaster is defined as facilitating the development of Maemo variants (Mer, Diablo/Fremantle Community Variants, etc):

  • Developing collaboration spaces for developers of Maemo variants
  • Mentoring and engaging developers in order to move the Maemo platform and variants ahead
  • Communicating with stakeholders (Nokia, distributions implementing the Maemo platform, users and developers)

Secondary role is serving as a paid system developer for the community:

  • Developing fixes and features for the Maemo OS & variants either on his/her own based on the input of community council
  • or through activating, mentoring for and collaborating with community developer(s) in order to get it completed in collaboration with upstream developers.

Community Council

Randall Arnold
Alan Bruce
Graham Cobb
Matthew Lewis
Valério Valério
Council Chair

Community processes and documentation

A list of community-related processes and documentation managed or generated by the team:

  • Karma - documentation for how users get karma points
  • Social news - a description of the social news algorithm