Sprints/July 09

[edit] June 2009 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
8.11-01 Texts for Must qgil DONE Text about openness and community complete. The another one about development considered not needed. We will direct to Forum Nokia as developer point, and from there they will link to
9.02-01 List Maemo bugzilla patches - create patchset Must Andre 90% Patchsets exist locally so I consider this part more or less done. They do not yet cleanly apply though. Thanks to Ferenc there's a 3.4 test installation online.
9.04-05 Implement new layout and style - Bugzilla Must Andre 80% Rough version in place. Working on two targets (9.02-01) doesn't make much sense. On the list after the Nokia non-template changes are in 3.4.
9.06-03 Further 20 packages through from Diablo Extras to Fremantle Extras Must Jeremiah DONE Includes tracking down and reporting errors.
9.06-05 Package promotion/repository management/community QA interface MUST X-Fade 90% Basic interface is in place, most tests look promising. Currently blocking on actual promotion in the repository. Jeremiah needs to fix the promotion script, once this is done I consider this part of the task 100%. Improvements should go into separate tasks.
9.06-07 Karma for applications - get agreement on formula Must indeyets 25% updating on behalf on indeyets: stats collecting has been started on 2009-07-29. we have to go with that for 1 week at least. we will have to push finishing this task in August.
9.06-06 Further 40 packages through from Diablo Extras to Fremantle Extras Must Jeremiah 50%
9.06-10 Modify to use debs of docs, rather than building tar.gzs Must dneary 0% Hopefully will be working with Fred Peters to get this done
9.07-01 Setup SSO-integration (GForge) Should danielwilms 60% Single Sign-out not ready yet. But almost there.
9.07-02 Finish Mediawiki SSO-integration Should danielwilms done Ongoing status updates: status
9.06-04 Git For Garage - Conversion UI Must Ferenc DONE Final test completed with the maemomm project. Branches / tags looked good in git. Marking the task done.
9.06-09 Vendor Hardware Repositories - decide on sub-tasks for next sprint Should Stskeeps 0%
9.06-13 Maemo Summit 2009 rough budget Should qgil DONE
9.06-14 Plan for the OMAP2 acceleration drivers Could qgil 10% Waiting for a status report. The reporter (TI partner) seems to be still on holidays.
9.06-11 Ensure library updated on Maemo release Could dneary 0%
9.06-12 Task:Proof-read Human Interface Guidelines Could dneary 98% Crowd-source HIG proof-reading with a bunch of volunteers. Go Tim! Go qole! Everyone else can join in too. Next step: merging changes back upstream
9.04-08 ITP process/workflow around prototype Could Jeremiah 90% I am going to finish this up, doesn't need much.
9.05-05 Style and layout for MXR Could GeneralAntilles 20% Jaffa to contact Ryan about "VCS issues"
9.05-08 Brainstorm documentation Could GeneralAntilles 0%
9.06-08 Karma for applications - deploy formula Must indeyets 0% Depends on 9.06-07
9.06-15 Maemo Summit registration system Must NetBlade 100% done and live

[edit] Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top. Activity will be reported here, Qaiku #maemork channel (Atom feed) or

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