Sprints/June 09

[edit] May 2009 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
8.11-01 Texts for Must qgil 20%
9.02-01 List Maemo bugzilla patches - create patchset Must Andre 40%
9.06-01 Get working locally Must dneary DONE Spent a day installing, downloading, rebuilding & trying to understand lgo. Next step: set up a Debian repository, and figure out how to get lgo downloading .debs instead of looking for .tar.gzs
9.06-02 Git For Garage - skin Must Ferenc DONE e.g. to browse the Qemu repo
9.04-05 Implement new layout and style - Bugzilla Must Andre 80%
9.06-03 Further 20 packages through from Diablo Extras to Fremantle Extras Must Jeremiah 85% Includes tracking down and reporting errors.
9.06-05 Package promotion/repository management/community QA interface MUST X-Fade 60% Making good progress, internal testing with fremantle to start this week. As said in the meeting, this task will span 2 sprints.
9.06-07 Karma for applications - get agreement on formula Should indeyets 0%
9.06-06 Further 40 packages through from Diablo Extras to Fremantle Extras Should Jeremiah 0%
9.06-10 Modify to use debs of docs, rather than building tar.gzs Should dneary 0% Hopefully will be working with Fred Peters to get this done
9.04-09 Setup SSO testing environment Should danielwilms 75% The test environment is running containing a ldap server, CAS, Mediawiki integrated with CAS, and an easy UI to create new test users. Accounts for the people, who work actively with it created. Follow as well the status: status.
9.06-04 Git For Garage - Conversion UI Should Ferenc 99% Finishing feature request for converting branches should be pushed to July.
9.06-09 Vendor Hardware Repositories - decide on sub-tasks for next sprint Should Stskeeps 0%
9.06-13 Maemo Summit 2009 rough budget Should qgil 0%
9.06-14 Plan for the OMAP2 acceleration drivers Could qgil 0%
9.06-11 Ensure library updated on Maemo release Could dneary 0%
9.06-12 Task:Proof-read Human Interface Guidelines Could dneary 90% Crowd-source HIG proof-reading with a bunch of volunteers. Go Tim! Go qole! Everyone else can join in too. Next step: merging changes back upstream
9.04-08 ITP process/workflow around prototype Could Jeremiah 90% I am going to finish this up, doesn't need much.
9.05-05 Style and layout for MXR Could GeneralAntilles 20% Jaffa to contact Ryan about "VCS issues"
9.05-08 Brainstorm documentation Could GeneralAntilles 0%
9.06-08 Karma for applications - deploy formula Could indeyets 0% Depends on 9.06-07
9.06-15 Maemo Summit registration system Must NetBlade 0%

[edit] Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top. Activity will be reported here, Qaiku #maemork channel (RSS feed) or

  • Tim
    • HIG Editing.
  • Tim
    • HIG Editing.
  • Dave
    • Tomorrow: Fly to Gran Canaria, set up a local Debian repository on my laptop
    • Today: Catching up on an old unfinished project which has been hanging around my neck like an albatross, finalising some paperwork for 3 month old expense claims & invoices, nothing Maemo related.
    • Last few days: Aside from reviewing Maemo Summit content as it arrives, and keeping up with forums and mailing lists, it's been all Gran Canaria all the time - organising football match facilities, ensuring pick-ups for keynotes at the airport, updating the agenda with last minute changes, pushing for the press schedule to be organised, finalising budget discussions, making sure invited press get their tickets bought.
  • Andre
    • Tomorrow: Fly to GCDS/Guadec conference
    • Today: Mostly continue updating reports wrt to Fremantle and run into way heavier issues while trying this.
    • Yesterday: BAU (syncing); Mailing lists; Thinking about Communication vs Real-time communication category (hmm...).
  • Tim
    • HIG Editing.
  • Andre
    • Today: BAU (Syncing); Restructure Chat/Internet Call bugs a bit; internal weekly report; continue updating tickets wrt Fremantle
    • Yesterday: BAU (Syncing); Updating tickets in UNCONFIRMED state
  • Andre
    • Today: BAU (Syncing); Restructure Chat/Internet Call bugs a bit; Create Mauku product in Extras (pending on email answer); Newstyle/CSS Testzilla hacking
    • Yesterday: BAU (Syncing and retest latest bug reports); Some Newstyle/CSS Testzilla hacking
  • Andre
    • Today: Create Mauku and Microfeed products in Extras; BAU (Syncing and retest latest bug reports); Newstyle/CSS Testzilla hacking; Maybe continue updating reports wrt Fremantle
    • Yesterday: BAU (Syncing); Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle; Newstyle/CSS hacking
  • Andre
    • Today: BAU (Syncing); Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle; Newstyle/CSS hacking
    • Yesterday: Create Enigma product; BAU (Syncing); Internal weekly report; Newstyle/CSS hacking with Ryan; Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle (especially some Backup bugs)
  • Andre
    • Today: Create Enigma product; BAU (Syncing); Newstyle/CSS hacking; Internal weekly report; Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle
    • Yesterday: Continued updating (~40) reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
  • Dave
    • Today: Install & learn about
    • Friday: Launched HIG proof-reading, did some proof-reading & set up the structure for the rest
  • Dave
    • Today: Catching up, GUADEC press work, GNOME Mobile track, push Call for content, brainstorm moderator list, and start the "HIG proof-read" tracking page.
    • Yesterday: Salon des Entrepreneurs all day, representing the association des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Lyonnais.
  • Andre
    • Today: Monthly Feature Jar; Continue CSS hacking/apply Newstyle to Bugzilla; Create Password Safe Look in Extras; Maybe continue updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
    • Yesterday: Create Conboy in Extras; getting Testzilla live hacking to work; monthly Sprint meeting; CSS hacking/apply Newstyle to Bugzilla (thanks Ryan for initial patch)
  • Jeremiah
    • Looking into tools to push around packages in a debian repository so I don't re-invent the wheel. (This is designed to be the backend to Niel's package promotion tools.)
    • Setting up a reporting system with Qaiku
  • Andre
    • Today: Create Conboy and Password Safe Look in Extras; play with Ryan's Newstyle patch; Continue updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc)
    • Last two days: Updating reports wrt Fremantle (Testing, Reproducing etc); Thinking about Fremantle bug objectives & querying stats; internal weekly report