Maemo For Beginners

If you've bought a Nokia N800, N810 or N900 and need help with the basics of how to use it, this might be a good place to start.

The tutorials in this section deal with all the main stuff you can do with the Nokia tablets, and they're written in a language that (hopefully!) anyone can understand.

In case you're wondering what "Maemo" actually means, the Nokia tablets run on an operating system called Linux Maemo, and is the official website of the Maemo developer and user community.

The original versions of these tutorials were published on the Internet Tablet School site and are used here with permission.

Anyway, on with the tutorials!


[edit] Start Here!

[edit] Miscellaneous Important Stuff

[edit] About The Internet Tablets

[edit] Connecting The Tablets To The Internet

[edit] Setting Up & Customising The Tablets

[edit] Tablet Accessories

[edit] Using The Tablets For Internet Stuff

[edit] Using The Tablets For Other Stuff