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[edit] Applications

A number of projects which are available for Maemo have wiki pages describing their features — other projects even use the wiki for their main web pages. This page is a catalog of those pages.

Maemo Software
Application Description OS availability
Actman manage multiple desktop sessions Maemo 5
AutoDisconnect automatically disconnect network connections when they are not needed Maemo 5
Bluemaemo Use your Maemo device as a Bluetooth controller OS 2008, Maemo 5
Bluezwitch Desktop widget which allows you to quickly switch Bluetooth on or off
Dexter Teletext reader
ejpi RPN calculator OS2008, Maemo 5
Evopedia Offline Wikipedia viewer
fcron Command scheduler
Gonvert Unit converter OS2008, Maemo 5
HomeBank Maemo Finance software
I am here Track your phone if it is lost or stolen Maemo 5
JPush Information pushing between a client and server via Jabber Maemo 5
Knots2 Multimedia streaming software OS 2008, Maemo 5
Livewallpaper Live (moving) desktop backgrounds Maemo 5
MaeFat Weight and body mass index (BMI) tracking Maemo 5
Miniature Chess game with online chess server functionality Maemo 5
Multilist Todo list OS2008, Maemo 5
MyPaint Digital painting OS2008, Maemo 5
Nqaap audiobook player OS2008, Maemo 5
OMWeather Desktop applet for showing the weather OS 2006, 2007, 2008, Maemo 5
OpenNTPD Make the device clock keep accurate time OS 2008, Maemo 5
Orrery Night sky viewer and compass Maemo 5
QSportsEvent View scores and tables for sporting events OS 2008, Maemo 5
Queen BeeCon Widget desktop widget monitoring tool Maemo 5
Quicknote Notes OS2008, Maemo 5
Quick Widgets Desktop widgets written with Qt Quick Maemo 5
Recaller Desktop widget for recording all kinds of audio Maemo 5
Rockbox media player for a variety of systems Maemo 5
Shutter IR remote control for either Canon, Nikon or Olympus DSLR cameras
SMSCON Remote control and tracking via SMS Maemo 5
SMSCON Editor Configuration and Test interface to SMSCON Maemo 5
Sleeper Desktop widget that pauses you music player after a defined time
Swappolube Interface to the configuration of several parameters of the N900 kernel Maemo 5
The One Ring Google Voice plugin for conversations and phone OS2008, Maemo 5
VertSMS Vertical orientation SMS application Maemo 5
Waters of Shiloah streaming inspiration audiobook player OS2008, Maemo 5
Wifi Assistant easily connect to wireless networks requiring a login page Maemo 5
Xscreensaver Port of Xscreensaver for Maemo Maemo 5

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