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Green color means that package is working and is fully API/ABI compatible with closed one which is available in SSU repository. It can be same version (opened by Nokia on gitorious) or new FOSS replacement.

Package File Location / Application Non-binary Third-Party Relicensed FOSS Replacement Source Code URL FOSS Version Working
adobe-flashplayer flash-plugin for browser Yes Gnash in Easy Debian (?)
alsa-policy-enforcement Policy amixer (?)
amazon-installer Amazon Yes Yes
ap-installer AP Yes Yes
applet-datetime Hildon control panel plugin
as-config-applet-0 MfE
as-daemon-0 MfE
as-utils MfE
bluetooth-sysinfo Bluetooth Yes ' Yes
bme-rx-51 Battery Yes
browser-neteal Maemo Browser Yes
bt-firmware Bluetooth firmware Closed source, but redistributable:
calendar Maemo Calendar -application Initial Qalendar:
calendar-backend Calendar backend (Library) Yes
calendar-backend-dev Calendar Yes
calendar-backend-doc Calendar Yes
calendar-home-applet Calendar home applet Yes
calendar-ui Library (UI) for Maemo Calendar
calendar-ui-widgets-0 (Library) ColorPicker UI Widget for Calendar and others
calendar-ui-widgets-0-dev (Library) ColorPicker UI Widget for Calendar and others
camel-as-provider-0 Camel+ActiveSync
camelisync Camel+NokiaMessaging (Closed source, but redistribution allowed)
camera-firmware Camera-Firmware Yes Yes (version-0.25)
camera-ui Maemo Camera Yes
cellmo-headers Cellular Service
cellmo-icpr82-headers Cellular Service
cherry Cherry
chinese-font Fonts Yes Droid fonts(?)
clockd Time daemon
clockd-doc Time daemon Yes
clockd-settings-mr0 Time daemon Yes
clock-ui Maemo World Clock Yes
cmt-firmware-rx51 Cellular Service
connui-btsettings Hildon control panel plugin
connui-cellular-settings Hildon control panel plugin
connui-conndlgs Connectivity Dialogs
connui-conndlgs-bluetooth Connectivity Dialogs
connui-conndlgs-cellular Connectivity Dialogs
connui-conndlgs-internet Connectivity Dialogs
connui-conndlgs-wlan Connectivity Dialogs
connui-home-cellular Hildon home plugin Yes
connui-iapsettings IAP Settings
connui-iapsettings-gprs IAP Settings
connui-iapsettings-wlan IAP Settings
connui-statusbar-bluetooth Hildon status menu plugin
connui-statusbar-cellular Hildon status menu plugin
connui-statusbar-internet Hildon status menu plugin
csd-base Cellular service
csd-call Cellular service
csd-gprs Cellular service
csd-info Cellular service
csd-sat Cellular service Yes
csd-sms Cellular service
csd-ss Cellular service
docpurge Documentation Yes Yes
dsp-manager DSP Yes
dtg-installer DocumentsToGo Yes Yes
eff-content-fonts Fonts Yes
evolution-data-server-addressbook-backend-sim Cellular service
ezitext-czech Word prediction
ezitext-danish Word prediction
ezitext-dutch Word prediction
ezitext-english-gb Word prediction
ezitext-english-us Word prediction
ezitext-essential-plugins Word prediction Yes
ezitext-finnish Word prediction
ezitext-french-ca Word prediction
ezitext-french-fr Word prediction
ezitext-german Word prediction
ezitext-greek Word prediction
ezitext-italian Word prediction
ezitext-norwegian Word prediction
ezitext-polish Word prediction
ezitext-portuguese-pt Word prediction
ezitext-russian Word prediction
ezitext-spanish-es Word prediction
ezitext-spanish-us Word prediction
ezitext-swedish Word prediction
facebook-installer Facebook Yes Yes
facebook-services Facebook Yes
feedservice Feedservice
feedservice-plugin-amazon Amazon Yes
feedservice-plugin-ap AP Yes
feedservice-plugin-fb Facebook Yes
feedservice-plugin-fb-common Facebook Yes Yes
feedservice-utils Feedservice
flasher Flasher
fmtx-middleware FMTX
fmtx-middleware-doc FMTX
foreca-installer Foreca Weather Yes Yes
foreca-weather-applet Foreca Weather Yes
funambol-cpp-api SyncML
getbootstate DSME Yes
google-search-widget Hildon home plugin
gprs-provisioning Cellular Service
gst-nokia-wm GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-dsp GStreamer Yes
gstreamer0.10-hantro GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-ipp-nokia GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-nokia-speech GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-wma GStreamer
hald-addon-bme Battery Yes
hildon-application-manager-settings-standard Hildon-Application-Manager Yes Non binary package, it could be free
hildon-control-panel-personalisation Hildon control panel plugin
hildon-desktop-applet-settings-mr0 Hildon-Desktop Yes In file /usr/share/doc/hildon-desktop-applet-settings-mr0/copyright is LGPL license, but package without source code??
hildon-desktop-application-shortcuts-mr0 Hildon-Desktop Yes In file /usr/share/doc/hildon-desktop-application-shortcuts-mr0/copyright is LGPL license, but package without source code??
hildon-im-common-virtual-settings Hildon input method
hildon-im-fkb Hildon input method Yes
hildon-im-keyboard-assistant Hildon input method
hildon-im-keyboard-assistant-scv Hildon input method
hildon-im-plugin-base-settings Hildon input method Yes
hildon-im-virtual-keyboard-layouts Hildon input method
hildon-input-method-configurator Hildon input method
hildon-input-method-plugins-western Hildon input method Yes
hildon-input-method-widgets Hildon input method Yes
hildon-plugins-notify-sv Notification
hildon-startup-progress Hildon-Startup
hildon-status-bar-usb Hildon status menu plugin
hildon-theme-alpha Hildon Theme Yes
hildon-theme-beta Hildon Theme Yes
hildon-theme-devel Hildon Theme Yes
hildon-welcome-default-logo Hildon-Welcome Yes
icd2 ICD
icd2-dev ICD
icd2-network-wlan-config ICD Yes
icd2-settings-default ICD Yes
imageviewer Maemo Image Viewer
imengines-ezitext Word prediction
immvibe Immersion TouchSense
initrd-progs System utils Yes
iphbd IP heartbeat daemon
libaccounts-dev Accounts
libaccounts-doc Accounts
libaccounts-glade Accounts
libaccounts0 Accounts
libas-common-ui-0 MfE
libas-common-utils-0 MfE
libas-protocol-0 MfE
libas-storage-0 MfE In file /usr/share/doc/libas-storage-0/copyright is LGPL and GPL license, but package without source code??
libbmeipc0 Battery Yes
libbridge2 TI DSP libraries Yes;a=tree;f=source/mpu_api/src/bridge
libcail-common Clutter In file /usr/include/cail/cail/cail.h is LGPL license, but package without source code?
libcail-dev Clutter In file /usr/include/cail/cail/cail.h is LGPL license, but package without source code?
libcal-dev CAL Yes
libcal1 CAL Yes
libcityinfo-dev Cityinfo In file /usr/include/cityinfo.h is LGPL license, but package without source code?
libcityinfo-doc Cityinfo
libcityinfo0-0 Cityinfo
libclockcore-dev Clock UI
libclockcore0-0 Clock UI
libcodelockui1 Device Code Lock In file /usr/share/doc/libcodelockui1/copyright is LGPL license, but package without source code?
libcodelockui1-dev Device Code Lock In file /usr/share/doc/libcodelockui1/copyright is LGPL license, but package without source code?
libconbtui0 Bluetooth
libconnui Connectivity
libconnui-cellular Cellular Service
libcscall2 Cellular Service
libcsnet-dev Cellular Service Not installed to the device.
libcsnet0 Cellular Service
libcumulus0 Image Viewer
libdevlock-bin Device Code Lock
libdevlock1 Device Code Lock
libdres0 OHM Yes Yes
libexempi-dev XMP metadata parser Yes Yes
libexempi3 XMP metadata parser Yes Yes
libezitext Word prediction
libgles1 PowerVR graphic driver Dummy package, not installed to the device.
libgles1-sgx-img PowerVR graphic driver
libgles1-sgx-img-dev PowerVR graphic driver
libgles2 PowerVR graphic driver
libgles2-sgx-img PowerVR graphic driver
libgles2-sgx-img-dev PowerVR graphic driver
libgpx0 GPX
libhildon-im-vkbrenderer3 Hildon input method Yes
libhildon-im-western-plugin-common3 Hildon input method Yes
libhildon-time-zone-chooser0-0 Clock UI
libhllc0 Camera
libicd-network-dummy ICD
libicd-network-eap ICD
libicd-network-gprs ICD
libicd-network-ipv4 ICD
libicd-network-wlan ICD
libicd-network-wlan-dev ICD
libicd-network-wps ICD
libicd2 ICD
libimengines-wp4 Word prediction
libimengines4 Word prediction
libimlayouts0 Hildon input method
libimmvibe0 Immersion TouchSense
libimmvibe0-dev Immersion TouchSense
libiphb-dev IP heartbeat library Yes
libiphb0 IP heartbeat library Yes
libipp-nokia Camera
libisi-glib0 Cellular service
libisi1 Cellular service
libi18n-dev i18n
libi18n-locale-resolver0 i18n
libi18n0 i18n
libjpeg62 JPEG ARM Neon code copyrighted by Nokia was commited to jpeg-turbo project which is optimized and API/ABI compatible libjpeg clone
libjpeg62-dev JPEG
libjpeg62-dbg JPEG
liblas1 GPS
liblocation-dev GPS
liblocation0 GPS
liblocation0-doc GPS
liblomesa0 Image Viewer
libmaemosec-certman-applet0 Certificate Manager Yes
libmaemosec-certman0 Certificate Manager Yes
libmaemosec0 Certificate Manager Yes
libmaesync maesync
libnavigation-dev GPS
libnavigation0 GPS
libnips0 Camera
libomap3cam Camera In file /usr/share/doc/libomap3cam/copyright is LGPL license, but package without source code? Reported:
libomxil-ti-components OpenMAX Yes
libomxil-ti0 OpenMAX Yes
libosal0 Camera
libosso-abook Maemo AddressBook
libosso-abook-dev Maemo AddressBook Not installed to the device.
libosso-abook-doc Maemo AddressBook
libossoproductinfo0 osso product info
libphinfo0 Cellular Service
libplayback-1-dev Audio Not installed to the device.
libplayback-1-doc Audio Not installed to the device.
libplayback-1-0 Audio
libppu0 WiFi Yes
libprofile-dev Profile Daemon Yes Yes
libprofile-doc Profile Daemon Yes Yes
libprofile0 Profile Daemon Yes Yes
libprolog0 Policy Yes Yes
librtcom-accounts-ui-client-dev Accounts UI Not installed to the device.
librtcom-accounts-ui-client0 Accounts UI
librtcom-accounts-ui-dev Accounts UI Not installed to the device.
librtcom-accounts-widgets-dev Accounts UI Not installed to the device.
librtcom-accounts-widgets0 Accounts UI
librtcom-call-ui0 Maemo Call
libsharing-plugin-dev Sharing service Not installed to the device.
libsharing-plugin-doc Sharing service Not installed to the device.
libsharing0 Sharing service
libsignon-glib-dev SSO Yes
libsignon-glib0 SSO Yes
libsimpb0 Cellular service
libsim0 Cellular service
libsms-utils0 Cellular service
libsms0 Cellular service
libspeex-dev Speex Not installed to the device.
libspeexdsp-dev Speex Not installed to the device.
libspeexdsp1 Speex
libspeexdsp1-dbg Speex Not installed to the device.
libspeex1 Speex
libspeex1-dbg Speex Not installed to the device.
libssoautologin SSO
libss1 Cellular service
libsysinfo0 Sysinfo
libtelcommon0 Cellular service
libtime-dev Time library Not installed to the device.
libtime-doc Time library Not installed to the device.
libtime0 Time library Yes, too many depends it.
libtopos0 Nokia Maps
libtrace-dev Tracing Yes Yes
libtrace0 Tracing Yes Yes
libwl1251 WiFi Yes
locale-resolver-data i18n
location-control Hildon control panel plugin
location-daemon GPS
location-home-applet Hildon home plugin
location-proxy GPS
location-settings-default GPS Yes
location-status GPS
location-test-gui GPS
location-ui GPS
maemo-applet-fmtx Hildon control panel plugin
maemo-applet-profiles Hildon control panel plugin Yes Yes
maemo-applet-tvout Hildon control panel plugin Yes Yes
maemo-input-sounds Sounds
maemo-installer-utils Installer No
maemointernal-keyring Keyring Yes In file /usr/share/doc/maemointernal-keyring/copyright is GPL license, but package without source code?
maemo-ringtones-mr0 Ringtones Yes
maemosec-certman-applet Hildon control panel plugin Yes Yes
maemosec-certman-common-ca Certificate Manager Yes Yes Yes
maemosec-certman-tools Certificate Manager Yes Yes
maemo-statusmenu-fmtx Hildon status menu plugin Yes Yes
maemo-statusmenu-headset Hildon status menu plugin
maemo-statusmenu-volume Hildon status menu plugin
maesync-backend maesync
maesync-controller maesync
mafw-iradio-source-bookmarks-default radio Yes
mce Mode Control Entity Yes Yes
mediaplayer Maemo MediaPlayer Yes Yes
mediaplayerhomeapplet Hildon home plugin
mediaplayer-restore Maemo MediaPlayer
modest-as-plugin-0 MfE
modest-home-applet Hildon home plugin
modest-nokiamessaging-plugin Nokia Messaging
modest-providers-data Modest Yes
mp-fremantle-generic-pr Maemo 5 full metapackage Yes Yes Yes No
nokia-apps Nokia Apps
nokia-binaries Nokia Binaries
nokia-maps-core Nokia Maps
nokia-maps-maplets Nokia Maps Yes
nokiamaps-navigation-provider Nokia Maps
nokia-maps-ui Nokia Maps Yes
nokiamessaging Nokia Messaging
nolo Bootloader
ohm-plugin-prolog OHM Yes Yes
ohm-plugin-resolver OHM Yes Yes
ohm-plugins-misc OHM Yes Yes
omap3camd CAmera
omap3430-dsp-baseimage-ti TI DSP libraries
omap3430-dsp-libraries-ti TI DSP libraries
opengles-sgx-img-common PowerVR graphic driver
opengles-sgx-img-common-dev PowerVR graphic driver Not installed to the device.
operator-wizard-settings Cellular Service Yes
osso-abook-home-applet Hildon home plugin
osso-accounts-plugin-skype Skype
osso-addressbook Maemo AddressBook
osso-applet-device Hildon control panel plugin
osso-applet-devicelock Hildon control panel plugin
osso-applet-display Hildon control panel plugin Yes Yes
osso-applet-languageregional Hildon control panel plugin No
osso-applet-memory Hildon control panel plugin
osso-applet-notificationlight Hildon control panel plugin Yes Yes
osso-applet-textinput Hildon control panel plugin Yes
osso-backup Maemo Backup In file /usr/share/doc/osso-backup/copyright is GPL license, but package without source code? Reported:
osso-bookmark-engine Maemo Browser No
osso-bookmark-engine-dev Maemo Browser Not installed to the device.
osso-browser Maemo Browser Yes No
osso-calculator Maemo Calculator Yes Yes Yes
osso-calculator-ui Maemo Calculator Yes Yes
osso-filemanager Maemo FileManager Yes HamsterFiler
osso-filemanager-ui Maemo FileManager HamsterFiler
osso-graphics-game-chess Maemo Chess Yes Yes Yes No
osso-graphics-game-lmarbles Maemo Marbles Yes
osso-graphics-game-mahjong Maemo Mahjong Yes Yes Yes No
osso-icons-default Icons Yes
osso-icons-devel Icons Yes Not installed to the device.
osso-maesync-plugin Maesync
osso-maesync-ui Maesync
osso-mission-control Telephathy
osso-notes Maemo Notes Leafpad Yes
osso-product-info Osso Product Info
osso-rss-feed-reader-list RSS Yes
osso-sketch Maemo Sketch
osso-sounds-game-chess Maemo Chess Yes Yes Yes No
osso-sounds-game-mahjong Maemo Mahjong Yes Yes Yes No
osso-sounds-rtc Sounds Yes
osso-sounds-ui Sounds Yes
osso-startup-wizard Startup Wizard No
osso-systemui SystemUI
osso-systemui-actingdead SystemUI
osso-systemui-alarm SystemUI Yes Yes
osso-systemui-conf SystemUI Yes
osso-systemui-devlock SystemUI
osso-systemui-emergency SystemUI
osso-systemui-modechange SystemUI
osso-systemui-powerkeymenu SystemUI Yes Yes
osso-systemui-splashscreen SystemUI No
osso-systemui-tklock SystemUI Yes Yes
osso-wlan-security ICD
ota-settings Cellular Service No
ovi-promotion-widget OVI No
pasr PulseAudio
phonet-at Phonet Yes
phonet-utils Phonet Yes Yes
policy-application-detector Policy
policy-settings-rx51 Policy Yes Yes Yes (for alsaped)
profiled Profile Daemon Yes Yes
profile-data Profile Daemon Tes Yes Yes
profile-data-dev Profile Daemon Yes Yes
prolog-extensions Policy Yes Yes
pulseaudio-module-nokia-common PulseAudio Yes
pulseaudio-module-nokia-music PulseAudio Yes
pulseaudio-module-nokia-record PulseAudio Yes
pulseaudio-module-nokia-voice PulseAudio Yes
pulseaudio-policy-enforcement Policy Yes Yes
rtcom-abook-skype-plugin Skype
rtcom-accounts-plugin-facebook Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-plugin-gtalk Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-plugin-jabber Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-plugin-nokiachat Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-plugin-sip Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-ui Maemo Messaging
rtcom-accounts-voip-support Maemo Call Yes
rtcom-call-ui Maemo Call
rtcom-messaging-ui Maemo Messaging
rtcom-notification-ui Notification UI
rtcom-presence-ui Presence UI
rtcom-skype-emoticons-theme Skype Yes
sdk-fiasco-gen Firmware Builder
sharing-account-manager Sharing service
sharing-dialog Sharing service
sharing-dialog-dev Sharing service Not installed to the device.
sharing-dialog-doc Sharing service Not installed to the device.
sharing-manager Sharing service
sharing-rtcom Sharing service
sharing-service-facebook Sharing service
sharing-service-flickr Sharing service
sharing-service-ovi Sharing service
signond-dev SSO Yes
signond0 SSO Yes
signond-utils SSO
skyhost-bin Skype
skyhost-vengine Skype
sms-manager Cellular service
softupd Software Update
speex-doc Speex
ssc-daemon Cellular service
status-area-applet-activesync-0 Hildon status menu plugin
status-area-applet-battery Hildon status menu plugin Yes Yes
statusbar-alarm Hildon status menu plugin
status-menu-applet-profiles Hildon status menu plugin Yes Yes
sysinfo-common Sysinfo Yes
sysinfod Sysinfo
sysinfo-tool Sysinfo
tablet-bookmark-manager Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-bookmarks-mr0 Maemo Browser Yes No
tablet-browser-controls Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-daemon Maemo Browser Yes Yes No
tablet-browser-default-plugin Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-dialogs Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-mediaplayer-plugin Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-ui Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-view Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-view-dev Maemo Browser No
tablet-browser-view-test Maemo Browser Yes No
tablet-browser-widgets Maemo Browser No
telepathy-ring Cellular service Yes (for Ofono)
telepathy-spirit Skype
testserver testserver
theme-default-settings-mr0 Theme Yes
tone-generator Cellular Service Yes
tutorial-home-applet Hildon home plugin
ui-fonts Fonts Yes Droid fonts(?)
wappushd Cellular service
wappushd-dev Cellular service
wl1251-cal WiFi Yes
wl1251-firmware Wifi firmware Closed source, but redistributable:
xml2wbxml xml2wbxml