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====Do I have to charge it fully before first use?====
====Do I have to charge it fully before first use?====
No. It will comes with about 50% of the full battery charge so you can tinker around and set your initial preferences out of the box.
No. It will come with about 50% of the full battery charge so you can tinker around and set your initial preferences out of the box.
====Do I have to discharge it fully each time?====
====Do I have to discharge it fully each time?====

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For development topics, please see the Developer frequently asked questions.


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Tips for finding answers

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Note that there is a separate FAQ for those interested in Development.

New to Maemo? There's a New Users page, Maemo basics article and a Greeters organization.

I can't read through this! I'm in big trouble... Need big help...

Are you sure? You might want to check below in the Troubleshooting section.

But... If all else fails, and you just can't see a way out, updating the firmware is the last straw. It deletes all user data and reverts all settings to default.


Note: device links will direct you to specific hardware pages


The N900 is a pocketable computer with plenty of power (speed and memory) for running many demanding applications. Take a look at N900 Accessories if you are in a need of screen protector, carrying case or similar.

(Older) Internet Tablets


Do I have to charge it fully before first use?

No. It will come with about 50% of the full battery charge so you can tinker around and set your initial preferences out of the box.

Do I have to discharge it fully each time?

No, the N900 has a Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) battery, which doesn't need this. Older NiCad (Nickel-Cadmium) batteries did.

Can I use the device while it’s charging?

Yes. Your files stored in 'MyDocs' (also known as the folder 'Nokia N900') will not be available in 'Mass Storage mode' or 'PC Suite mode' when connected to the computer. Clicking outside the prompt when connecting to a computer leaves it in 'Charging mode' and leaves your files accessible from the device.

Is it safe to leave it charging overnight? Will it stop charging itself when it’s full?

Yes. By default, the notification light (when the screen is off) glows Yellow to indicate 'Charging', and is a steady green to indicate 'Battery Full'.

How can I extend my battery life?

To ensure that your batteries last longer, check out extending battery lifetime. For tips on making a single battery charge last longer, read how to make your battery last longer.

Software and Usage

Operating System

The Nokia devices run on the Maemo Operating System, but there are alternatives (see alternatives below).


Main article: Codenames#Maemo

The N900 runs Maemo 5 out of the box. See the Maemo 5 Introductory pages for details, movies, and advice. Fremantle is the codename of Maemo 5, which is the current version of Maemo.

Maemo 4, also known as OS2008, was the operating system used on the Nokia N800, N810, and N810 WiMAX Edition. The original, version 4.0, release was codenamed "Chinook". A later, version 4.1, upgrade was codenamed "Diablo".

Maemo 5 Revision History

Maemo 5 has gone through five updates as of December 2010.

See the individual change-logs for more information.

  1. 1.2009.42-11, aka PR1.0, the N900's original (for production units) firmware.
  2. 1.2009.44-1, aka PR1.0.1, was a preparatory release for PR1.1. It was only released Over-The-Air (meaning the flasher was not updated) to devices with the original firmware.
  3. 2.2009.51-1, aka PR1.1, was the first major firmware revision for Maemo 5.
  4. 3.2010.02-8, aka PR1.1.1, is the preparatory release for PR1.2.
  5. 10.2010.19-1, aka PR1.2 was released in May 2010
  6. 20.2010.36-2, aka PR1.3 was released in October 2010 and is the current version of Maemo 5

Will Maemo 5 run on the Previous Internet Tablets?

Not officially but perhaps through the Mer community project. Maemo 5 is optimized for the OMAP3 architecture, the N810 and N800 are based in OMAP2 and the 770 on OMAP1.

Earlier tablets ran earlier versions of Maemo. See the release history for more details.

What are the 'Alternatives' to Maemo

How can I reset my device to factory settings?

The device must be reflashed, by updating the firmware.

General Usage

How do I lock and unlock the touchscreen?

A nice overview of locking and unlocking is available on this MaemoUI Team video.

Are there shortcuts for the keyboard and gestures?

Yes. See the full list of N900 shortcuts and gestures.

Can I do email?

Yes, the N900 has an integrated e-mail client (Modest). See N900 Email Options for more help.

How can I sync personal data?

The Sync article will tell you more.

Which music files can be played in Maemo?

Main article: N900 Media Support

mp3, m4a (without copy protection), OGG, aac, eaac and wav.

Can I install and use new themes?

Yes, look at Themes article.

How can I find files from my home directory with terminal?

The MyDocs folder article describes the locations.

How do I take a screenshot?

  1. Open the keyboard.
  2. Make sure the screen you wish to capture is the screen showing.
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + P
  4. Open the Photos Application.
  5. The screen shot is the last picture taken.

How do I get to the task switcher using the the keyboard?

Press Ctrl + backspace.

How do I add recurring appointments to the calendar?

See the repeating entries in Calendar article.

How do I use the Video Camera?

See the article on basic use of the Video camera.

TV Out

The N900 comes with a cable to connect it to a composite input on a television. This connection is sometimes called an "RCA" connection and uses a yellow connector for video and a pair of connectors (red and white) for stereo audio. For televisions without a composite input, an adapter will be required. The specific adapter required for a given television will vary according to the input or inputs it accepts.

Make sure that you check Settings/TV Out and change the video format to PAL or NTSC for your local TV system, prior to connecting it to the TV.

Why doesn't X forwarding over ssh work?

See the article on X forwarding over ssh. The short answer is that you need to install the PC Connectivity package.

Phone usage

Does the N900 have speed dial?

You can put contact shortcuts on the desktop...

Does the N900 have voice dialing?


How do I access my carrier’s answering service - it used to be speed dial set in my old phone?

If it is in the simcard, it should be imported into the address book, if it is not, then you probably want to copy it from your old phone manually.

Does the N900 log calls for length?


Can I sort calls by received/sent/missed?


I can use the phone in portrait mode: why can’t I use that for other things?

The N900 doesn't currently support portrait mode beyond the phone use. It is expected this will arrive in an update, and some developers are working on applications that use portrait mode.


I hear that the N900 doesn’t have MMS: is this true?

The N900 doesn't support MMS at release. However, you can install fMMS for MMS support.

Does the N900 have message receipt?

Conversations, the SMS and IM application, can optionally "Receive text message delivery reports". This option is disabled by default, but may be enabled in the Settings area of Conversations.

Can I use an onscreen keyboard?

An on-screen keyboard is available. It is disabled by default, but may enabled via "Text input" in the Settings application.

The on-screen keyboard is landscape in orientation and alphanumeric. Its layout is QWERTY, QWERTZ, etc. as is regionally appropriate.

Is there a portrait mode keyboard?

There is a portrait mode dialing pad for making calls. Beyond that no, there is no portrait mode keyboard. One or more third party developers may make add-on portrait mode keyboards available for download later.

Is there T9 entry?

No, though this could be added by a third party developer later. See VertSMS, for instance.

Can I send SMS to more than one person at once?

Yes. See how to send an SMS to multiple contacts.


What can I do with GPS?

Ovi Maps comes preinstalled to the N900 and there are ways to go Geocaching with Maemo devices too.

What’s the difference between GPS and a-GPS?

GPS uses the Global Positioning Satellites to fix your devices location. A-GPS uses your network operators transmission towers to Assist the satellite signals to fix your devices location. A-GPS is coarse grained typically 100s of meters vs GPS sub Meter.

If I only use GPS (not a-GPS) will I still burn my data plan?

Only if you have to download Map information

What map programmes can I use?

The N900 comes with Ovi Maps. Other map programs from third party developers will be available for download later. Nokia bought Navteq in 2007 and is the basis of OVi Maps

As of October 2009, none of the "big names"--Garmin, Google, TomTom, etc.--have announced any plans to release software for the N900.

Does the N900 support google maps?

You can use Google maps directly from the browser, or you can try MaeMaps or GeePS A native front end for Google maps

Can I download Ovi-maps when I’m on wifi, and store them for use so as not to burn my data plan? If so, how much space do they need?

See also... here and here and here.


Does the N900 need a firewall?

Maybe not.

Does the N900 need anti-virus?

No. The N900 runs Linux, an operating system for which few to no viruses exist. Beyond that, the N900 uses a processor (CPU) not used by desktop and notebook Linux machines. This means it's unlikely a (mostly theoretical) virus for desktop Linux could infect the N900.

Can I block adverts?

Adblock Plus works on the N900 and is available as a free download. See the package page for more information.

Does the N900 play YouTube videos?

Yes. You might wish to try CuteTube a feature rich Youtube client.

Can I use MSN Messenger on the N900

Yes. See the MSN messenger article for more details.


Go to the Games page to find more about gaming with the N900.


Go to the Customizing Maemo page to find more about customization in the N900.

Can the N900 be deployed in the enterprise environment?

Yes, there is a guide on Enterprise provisioning.

Other Applications

Where do I get software (apps) from?

Open application manager and start searching for useful software. You can learn more about downloading applications and installing applications.

You can browse Extras and Ovi applications online with Maemo Select

Apps fall into one of several categories.

  • Extras - stable and tested applications suitable for anyone to install
  • Extras-testing - possibly unstable apps, which are undergoing a quality assurance process before being moved to extras. Generally should be installed by the more experienced user as they can cause issues with your N900.
  • Extras-devel - beta or even alpha level software. Should only be installed by very experienced or suicidal users, who know what to do if software breaks their device

If dont find the application that you want you can register you interest in the applications you wish were ported from other platforms article.

Can I edit Office files?

N900 comes with dataviz's Office 'Office to Go' reader, so you can read office files. It is only a 30-day trial, and must be purchased after the promotional period.

Editing them is a slightly more interesting prospect, but has become a much more exciting one with KOffice.

Easy Debian, which also provides a LXDE desktop environment, has Writer (Word Processor), Impress (Presentation Editor), and Calc (Spreadsheet Editor) installed. It is available for Maemo 5, as well as OS2008.

Gnuplot is also avaliable as a native application for charts/graphs/spreasheets.

Does the N900 view pdf files?

There's a built in application for that.

Does Maemo 5 have a book reader? Will it run Kindle?

FBReader is available. Although it cannot read DRM-encrypted ebooks (like Kindle), it can read nearly any un-encrypted ebook format.


What is the difference between Maemo and

Maemo refers to the Open source software platform for mobile devices developed by Nokia in collaboration with the Maemo community and some of the best open source upstream projects. is the home of the Maemo community, and is a gathering place for people interested in this platform and related software and devices (more).

Where should I report problems?

Software problems are reported as bugs - please be gentle with the Bugsquad team. Contact Nokia Support for serious problems with your device during the warranty period.

In case of doubt use the Talk forum. Being blunt when reporting bugs on is highly discouraged (for example: Internet won't open. What do I do?). Describe the problem as detailed as you can without being overly elaborate.

See Maemo Talk Do's and Don'ts (page under construction) for more information.

What is the Community Council?

The Community Council is a team of volunteers representing the community and interfacing with Nokia.

How can I help with software development

Read instructions from the Help testing software article. Please read the disclaimer first.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Note: all short answers to tables!

The most important part: read the article General precautions to stay out of trouble. Hope you read this before all hope is gone!


Trouble Solution
My system is unstable and applications crash a lot. What's wrong? See Troubleshooting
My tablet is slow and unresponsive. What can I do?
I installed something and now my N900 isn’t working right.
I installed something and now my N900 isn’t working at all.
I have run out of disk space. How can I add more? See Booting from a flash card
I have trouble connecting to the internet over wifi See Network settings


Trouble Solution
There’s a light flashing on my N900 See Maemo5 101
How can I encode video files for playback on the device? See video encoding
How can I improve battery life? See How To Make Your Battery Last Longer
How do I get root access? See root access
I have run out of disk space. How can I add more? See Booting from a flash card
I have trouble connecting to the internet over wifi See Network settings

How can I monitor my disk usage and how much space I have left?

Via the ‘memory’ applet in the Settings application. Or in the terminal do:

df -h

for all in fstab or do

du -hs <dir>

for a specific folder.

The applications 'Disk Usage' and 'Storage Usage' also provide different methods of measuring usage.

How often do I need to update? And why?

N900 is 'updatable software', so it will go on getting better. Your device will check for updates once a day, and tell you when it needs to update by putting a little yellow icon on the screen. Then it will walk you through the update process. You can wait to update when you are somewhere where it's better to download - for example your using your home network rather than your data plan.


Can I Plug in USB devices to my N900?

Not yet. See the article on N900 Hardware USB Host for some more details on efforts to make this work. The current status is that it works, but a user friendly solution is some way off.

What is MeeGo / Maemo 6 / Harmattan?

Maemo 6 is the next incarnation of the Maemo operating system. Originally, it was simply to be completely open-sourced, and the official transition from GTK+ to Qt (GUI styles).

But with the announcement of the Intel Moblin and Nokia Maemo merge to form MeeGo, Harmattan is now the "stepping stone" for the merge.

Will Harmattan work on my N900?

The "official" answer from Nokia as of 2010 is "We don't Know."